tobbe malm: blacksmith and artist

di Johnny terpot Tobbe Malm is a blacksmith artist born in Norberg, Sweden, in 1960. Norberg is a small Swedish mining town, where the industry is thought to date from the 12th century. The very earth shook day and night from explosions in the mine tunnels far below the streets. The iron ore was boiled… leggi tutto »


matt gaser: illustrator and conceptual artist

Matt Gasser is an illustrator and conceptual artist who lives in Northern California. He started his studies at the Art Center College of Design, now works for Lucasfilm and is building a fantastic children’s book. Matt Gaser is a conceptual artist who worked in both the film The Clone Wars ( 2008) and its spin-off TV… leggi tutto »


livia giovannoli: la Shoah è musica

di Livia Giovannoli Ero una bambina quando iniziai le mie prime lezioni di musica e di violino verso la fine degli anni ’70 con il M°Levis. Il maestro, già anziano a quei tempi, era un musicista ebreo che aveva suonato nei teatri e orchestre di tutta Italia diversi strumenti e tra un solfeggio, una lezione di… leggi tutto »


rom mueck: the hyper realistic sculptor

di johnny terpot Ron Mueck (Melbourne, 1958) is an Australian artist and sculptor. His work is related to the current hyperrealism. Mueck is known for his sculptures in an extremely realistic materials: polyvinyl resins or various materials. He has contributed to the creation of the film Labyrinth – characters Where everything is possible, in which he… leggi tutto »


pieter pander: dogs portraits and other animals

di johnny terpot Pieter Pander (Garijp, NL, 1962), Franeker, NL. Pieter Pander has many different themes, depending on what occupies his mind at the time. He paints lots of animals, such as goats, calves, horses and dogs, but also structures of buildings and shipyards. When painting animals, he always chooses an odd angle to create an… leggi tutto »